Welcome to Syndata AB

We Solve Real Data Problems Without the Real Data Risks

We help you unlock data from privacy regulations, for internal or external use
We provide security and compliance tools to unlock and repurpose your data assets
We give you the opportunity to develop new services without compromising data protection

What is Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is carefully created data, based on real datasets, which retain the statistical properties and correlations of their real data counterparts while having no connection to real data subjects.

This means it is free from data protection regulations and can be used, shared and traded openly.

Collecting, storing, handling and protecting certain categories of data is cumbersome, expensive and means risk exposure. Synthetic data removes these restrictions on data use.

What we do.

We help companies and organisations in both the public and the private sectors to leverage synthetic data solutions.

Through the use of machine learning and custom algorithms we can generate large data sets which match the statistical attributes of real data but which are entirely synthetic. This means that the data can be used for most big data purposes such as predictive modelling, analytics, software testing and more.

Our models are built on best in class techniques for privacy and data protection by design. Our data processing complies with relevant data protection and privacy laws around the world.

Our projects typically start with a 2-4 week pilot mapping project with your team where we identify where the greatest value can be unlocked through the use of synthetic data applications.

Syndata AB is founded by some of Europe's most respected privacy professionals, data ethicists, computer scientists and futurists. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden but service clients globally.

Managing Director - Mattias Ripoll
Technical Officer - Alexander Hanff
Data Scientist - Douglas G Torres
Legal Officer - Fredrik Norberg
Financial Officer - Hannes Sapiens

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